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How to start your own linguistic agency: Essential points to succeed

Starting your own linguistic agency is not easy, especially when you have no entrepreneurial experience behind you. This leads to have a thousand thoughts on your mind, questions, doubts and you start looking for answers through the web or asking for advices from your acquaintances. All this, however, can confuse your ideas even more.

In any case, there are some fundamental aspects that cannot be missing in the management of a small or large company.

In the list below, you will find the essential points to apply on your language agency:    


  • Choose the people who will be part of your team

Developing a company that is based on solid partnerships is the first important step in achieving excellent results.

Indeed, if you hire reliable, competent people or who simply enjoys the work he/she does, it helps to generate greater productivity and excellent customer support.


  • Choose the right linguists

Linguists are the heart of your company. Without them, your linguistic agency could not exist. For this reason, it is important to know how to choose the right professionals in the sector. Rely on suitable platforms to find expert translators, contact them, compare the different curricula and ask in which sectors and languages they are specialized and discuss with them. Surely you will be able to understand which linguist will be suitable for your agency and your customers.


  • Plan and organize

Having a specific plan in mind is an element that absolutely cannot be missing. Organize time, financial activity and define staff roles. Plan a strategy that allows you to manage each task by optimizing expenses and prepare a file in which to record the most relevant details, so that you can have everything under control.


  • Promote your agency

Anche se finanziariamente, non è possibile attuare grandi strategie di Marketing, puoi promuovere della tua agenzia tramite premi, sconti e l’uso dei social media.


  • Stay up to date

To compete with other agencies, you must always be informed about the latest news in the linguistic world: find out which are the most used Cat Tools by translators or which are the new linguistic terminologies used in certain sectors. Discover the new trends by using magazines, newsletters, blogs, information sites, conventions and everything else that can help you to continually improve your skills.


  • Don't be afraid to dare

The changes can be frightening, but if you don't try to dare a little more, you will struggle to reach your goals. And if necessary, nothing prevents you from finding a mentor, a model of success to follow and to ask for advice. This way, it will be easier for you to find opportunities and realize your dreams.

And as he said Barbara Corcoran, a successful business woman and TV personality, "finding opportunities is just a matter of believing they are there".

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