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COLLEGANDO SRLS was born from many years of experience of professionals engaged in various fields of the company sectors. Our company has developed over the years and today, thanks to its team of professionals, can offer its customers the best solutions in the language field.

The person and/or the company is at the center of our way of acting. Needs, wishes, expectations and goals: We focus on their satisfaction, constantly monitoring performance.

Our translation and management solutions are exquisitely and consistently customized.


We pay very high attention to the quality of the service we offer to our customers, to the value of our professionals, and to the training and updating in this field.

Collegando srls is a dynamic reality always in step with the times, able to satisfy, with a professional, efficient, and specialized service, even the most specific needs of its customers.

Our language services are developed to allow our customers to receive customized services according to their needs and thanks to our team of native speakers we guarantee high standards of quality.

Our Language Services are developed to enable our customers to receive customized services

in different fields such as marketing, business, multimedia, legal…


Collegando srls is aware of the importance and need to use a quality management system in accordance with the model proposed by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, to maximize its concept of organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to achieve its users’ satisfaction, within the regulatory guidelines and based on annual planned internal resources.


The organization is certified according to ISO 9001:15 with the following scope:


Language services. Remote project management services. Industry: EA35



Collegando srls has identified its customers in public and private organizations.


Through the constant application of the system, the priority goal is to be at the national level of excellence in terms of the ability to provide concrete answers to customer requests and also to provide prompt and precise answers to its customers, both in terms of training and guidance, and a real contribution.


All the employees are fully involved in the work processes in which they intervene. In fact, given the complexity of relations with customers, users and the territory, and taking into account the content aspects of the activities carried out, it is clear that quality can only be achieved through the full involvement and active participation of all, at every level and function.


About internal processes, Collegando srls proposes accurate information and updating on applicable regulations, coordination with strategic and resource planning processes, monitoring of both educational and organizational activities, also to strengthen the external perception of a structured and conscious enterprise.


The quality policy is a formal act in declaring the commitments made: It is disseminated externally and to all internal functions which contribute to ensuring the quality of the services provided.


Management commitment


By implementing the system, which includes annual organizational performance improvement targets, the management undertakes to:

          Ensuring the availability and careful planning and management of the human and technical resources necessary for an adequate and customer satisfaction QMS;

          Ensuring that the employees are continuously operating in compliance with the QMS rules;

          Define - during the “management reviews” - measurable goals to be achieved in the short/medium term and in line with this policy;

          Continuously monitor the implementation of the QMS and the achievement or deviation from the targets set within each financial year;

          Provide services that comply with the requirements and requirements of applicable law;

          Put in place an internal system for updating legal regulations and for the ongoing and formal verification of alignment with the applicable requirements to the carried out activity;

          Plan training and make the employees aware of quality aspects;

          To monitor customer and internal employees satisfaction, also by collecting and analyzing complaints and suggestions;

          Define, implement and update an efficient health and safety prevention and protection service with the appropriate skills and qualifications, providing appropriate documentation;

          Adopt an improvement program to reduce risks in the workplace.


The Directorate has identified a representative for the management and improvement of the QMS, as well as for the dissemination and communication of this policy and the standards and objectives set.


The management of Collegando srls undertakes to document and spread this policy at every level and to communicate it to customers and suppliers.




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