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Does our language influence the way we think?

Lingua e scienza

"The usage of language permits us to transmit our ideas and knowledge across minds. For example, I can put a bizarre new idea in your mind right now: Imagine a jellyfish waltzing in a library while thinking about quantum mechanics.

Probabilmente, non hai mai pensato a questo prima d’ora, ma adesso sì e ci sono riuscita attraverso il linguaggio. Di sicuro, non esiste solo una lingua in questo mondo, ma circa 7,000. E tutte queste lingue differiscono l’una con l’altra in svariati modi. Diversi suoni, vocaboli e strutture. Questo ci fa porre la domanda: Il nostro linguaggio può influenzare il modo in cui pensiamo?”

Thus begins the TED conference by Lera Boroditsky, scientist and professor in the language and cognition fields.

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Over the centuries, philosophers, scientists and researchers have tried to give an answer to this question, formulating different theories, without ever reaching an agreement.

Among the most relevant examples of how language can influence our mind, we find Japan.

In this ever-developing nation, but equally tied to ancient traditions and superstitions, the number 4 is often missing in the numbering of hotel rooms, hospitals and elevators. Furthermore, we will never find packages for four people, whether they are dishes sets or food packet.


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