Language services at 360 degrees

From and to all languages

servizi di traduzione


We translate texts in all languages of any format and type. Our translations are always localized, which means they follow the stylistic and linguistic adaptation process of the country and sector for which they are intended.

COLLEGANDO employs native speakers specialized in translations in the sectors Business, Legal, Multimedia, Health & Wellness, Logistics & Transportation, IT, APPS & SOFTWARE, SAP and Technical. In the Marketing sector we also take care of the transcreation or the translation of the so-called engaging content for advertising and promotional purposes.

We have been collaborating for over 10 years with a wide network of professional translators around the world which allows us to promptly provide any kind of language service.


Our editing services include the terminological, linguistic and stylistic verification of the translation.

In order to correctly transmit the content of the original document making it linear and simple for the understanding of the user to whom it is intended. 

The revision is aimed at providing translations that are perfectly accurate from a grammatical, orthographic and syntactic point of view. 

servizio di editing o revisione


We employ the best professional transcribers and a quality verification process to provide transcription services, starting from audio and video files related to events, congresses, boards of directors, interviews, job interviews, university lectures, academic research, seminars, testimonials and phone calls.

We provide transcriptions for content marketing and video production.

We also offer verbatim transcription (word by word) for programs aimed at improving artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The service is also addressed to market research companies and focus groups that need to seize all speed nuances such as noises, overlapping voices, audio disturbances and filler words.


The addition of subtitles to videos in languages other than those interpreted allows to reach a wider audience, even in noisy places or in the presence of people with hearing difficulties. 

Furthermore, subtitled videos can also be enjoyed with muted audio, particularly in the case of global distributors and brands. 

We offer subtitling services in all languages for corporate and public audiovisual products, films, convention materials, company presentations, TV programs, reviews and video conferences.

We employ subtitling experts to correctly transpose the spoken message into text without neglecting the timing. 

We also provide captioning services (subtitling in the same language as the audio) and direct translation (audio translation directly into text).

servizio di testing


Our IT background allows us to offer a 360 degree service.

We translate, localize and test interfaces for browsers, desktops, mobile devices, sites, servers and portals.

The process begins with the execution of linguistic, functional and usability testing, passing through the validation of data and contents and finally through quality.

All aimed at improving artificial intelligence. For the latter specific activity, we use sophisticated testing software.