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Are you looking for the expertise and know-how to manage your project remotely? Do you need to streamline your business processes? Do you want to make use of a specialized structure to reduce costs?

 Discover our remote services! Speed up your results! 

Our remote consulting services address an international clientele in a wide variety of fields.

We are focused on recruiting multilingual staff specialized in project management for consultancy firms. We provide support for the management of internal processes to companies. We monitor software development projects in the insurance sector. 

We take care of data analysis for telecommunications providers, improving their processes in order to achieve business objectives.

We operate with dedicated multilingual teams, providing services in Italian, French, English and German.

Remote Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office is responsible for providing support to companies in harmonizing operating procedures, implementing control systems and monitoring project progress in order to optimize company activities.

Relying on our remote PMO experts leads to clear and objective advantages and successes:

    • It provides a set of tools and instruments to reduce costs and timescales for project implementation, increasing their effectiveness
    • It creates greater satisfaction on key stakeholder side
    • It stimulates and therefore increases the motivation of the team which thus operates in a climate of safety and organization
    • It increases the quality and speed of daily processes with a careful evaluative analysis and division of tasks optimized for company resources
    • Management of remotely located teams
    • Elimination of employee business trips with consequent reduction of company costs
    • Ability to prevent possible problems and risks with ad hoc strategies
    • Overall productivity increase thanks to the efficiency of the results.

Here are some duties and functions covered by our remote PMO experts:

  • Recruiting of specialized personnel
  • Management of meetings including the drafting of minutes
  • Management of budgets and costs of external resources with management of on- and offboarding procedures
  • Capacity Planning
  • Roadmap Planning;
  • Data analysis for the implementation of performance measurement systems;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Wiki Management
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management;
  • Project Management.

Graphics & Design

Do you want to create a corporate identity for your company with a great graphic impact? Do you need to create advertising campaigns for the web?

Our experts are available to meet your business needs, providing you with continuous remote assistance. See some of the Graphics % Design services provided by us:


  • Desktop Publishing DTP;
  • Creation of company, project and brand presentations 
  • Drafting of texts in multiple languages in compliance with the established layouts 
  • Creation of digital and printed contents for visual communication

Software Remote Support

Is the software with which you manage your company out of step with new technologies? Do you need to replace it? Do you need support in the individuation and selection a new software development supplier? Does your software development supplier need to be supported in the project and method analysis and in the subsequent operational phases? Need to monitor your software vendor's performance and process?

Our experts in the sector are at your disposal, offering you the following services:

  • End-to-end analysis of operational processes
  • Analysis and drafting of software specifications
  • Creation of project plans
  • Creation of use cases for the new software
  • Creation of test plans
  • Creation of test cases and execution of end-to-end tests
  • Customer support during testing
  • Creation of manuals
  • Creation of training documents
  • Application training
  • FAQ creation.

Inbound assistance

Our specialized inbound assistance team provides post-sales management for e-commerce companies and/or service companies that intend to serve their customers by telephone and/or by email.

Below some of our inbound assistance services:

  • Management of incoming calls from users
  • Help desk services to solve technical problems
  • Claims management
  • Elaboration of email surveys

IT assistance


Not all companies have that professional figure capable of solving IT problems, such as technical errors, incorrect configurations and unknown bugs.

Our technicians are at your disposal to solve daily and extraordinary problems.

With our IT assistance we are able to solve the most varied problems, such as:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Email account management
  • System errors

Cleaning and formatting of computer devices