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Artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence

As the years go by, technology has developed more and more and has established itself in various sectors, including the linguistic one. 

How often is Artificial Intelligence actually used in the language industry? And what is its real meaning? 


Artificial intelligence, also called “AI”, is taking an important place in the translations’ world and has
facilitated people’s jobs, by replacing manual work with the technological one.

Indeed, today, there are several Apps and translation programs available for PCs and mobiles that take the place of our old friend Dictionary. Google Translate is an example. With the invention of this tool, a single click is enough to translate a word or even a complete text from one language to another, with a greater speed than an average
translator. Even if the result is not perfectly correct, it is possible to implement new lexicons, updating and improving the quality of the automatic translation engine.

having the expert eye of a linguist is indispensable.

However, will Artificial Intelligence take the place of the human being? AI will never completely replace a person’s job (at least not in this historical period).

Despite the use of a Machine Translation can facilitate the translation of a text, having the expert eye of a linguist is indispensable. The job of a translator is not only to translate a text into a grammatically correct manner, but it is also to “read between the lines” and understand the real meaning of a word. Michael Housman, Data Science Manager of RapportBoostexplains how in the language field, there are no clear and definite rules and that the conversation can go in an “infinite number” of directions

Indeed, the meaning of a word may depend on the rest of the sentence or on the overall context, with variations such as sarcasm, irony and idiomatic expressions that AI often fails to capture. The art of translation is also the interpretation, not only of an idea, but also of a human feeling that, precisely, can only be understood by human beings.

And if sometimes, we are not able to understand ourselves, how can a machine do it for us? 

As a result, AI and human beings cannot be without each other. 

COLLEGANDO is based on these principles! By combining Artificial intelligence with Human Intelligence, we get the perfect combination to be able to optimize the processing of natural language and in the analysis of feelings. 

With the help of several experts in the field, we can offer you our best services, breaking down the limits of artificial understanding and the boundaries of human capacity. 

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